Explosion on Iranian ship in Red Sea, possible retaliation of Israel

An Iranian ship in the Red Sea that may serve as a base for the Revolutionary Guard has been damaged by an explosion. The New York Times writes that Israel is behind the mine attack.

An American source tells the newspaper that Israel has informed the United States that it was responsible for the attack. It would be retaliation for recent attacks on Israeli ships, presumably carried out by Iran. A spokesman for the Israeli army will not respond to the message.

According to the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, no one on the MV Saviz was injured and there was little damage to the ship. Iran says that the Saviz is a commercial freighter that has been in the Red Sea since the end of 2016 to combat piracy in the region.

Iranian mothership.

But according to American researchers, the Saviz is in reality an Iranian spy ship controlled by the Revolutionary Guard, Iran‘s elite corps. It would be the mother ship with which Iran helps the Houthi rebels in Yemen, so that they can, for example, carry out attacks on ships.

On footage of the Saudi army, which the press agency AP was already held a few years ago, crew members can be seen in military kit on the Saviz. Also, the ship would have machine gun attachment points on the deck and the ship’s antennas would be unusual for commercial cargo vessels. According to Saudi Arabia, this points to eavesdropping equipment.

Saudi Arabia and Iran are involved in the war in Yemen, with the Saudi backing the government and Iran supporting the Houthi rebels.

The Saudi channel Al Arabiya filmed these images of the Saviz in 2018: