Explosive service to home with ‘huge load’

During two searches in Leerdam, the police found a huge supply of illegal fireworks. Defense Explosives Disposal Service had to be used to seize the place, reports indignant Mayor Sjors Frรถhlich on Twitter.

In the homes there were about 150 nitrates and 29 shells, or some kind of tinted mortar bombs. โ€œIf this had exploded, enormous damage would have been done to the block,โ€ says Frรถhlich, mayor of the municipality of Vijfheerenlanden. โ€œIncredible.โ€

Weapons and narcotics were also found. Two suspects have been apprehended and have to answer to the court. The houses are not accessible for the time being.

Police also confiscated fireworks in other places in the country. In a house in the Oisterwijk district in Brabant, cops came across 75 kilos of fireworks on Monday evening, including illegal cobras, butterfly mats and a hundred thousand flaps.

In Eemnes in the province of Utrecht the police recently found 100 kilos of fireworks in a house on the Troeveveen. It is mainly ornamental fireworks but in addition the resident also had heavy fireworks in his possession, such as cobras and nitrates.

The storage of legal fireworks in the house is allowed up to 25 kilos. This year there is a ban on the parting of fireworks. In addition, since December 1, all fireworks (including flares, bangs and single shots) have been banned. So next year, this fireworks can no longer be fired. So saving makes no sense, warns the police.

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