Exposed room Pompeii shows living conditions slaves

Archaeologists have uncovered a room where they said enslaved at excavations in Pompei. The room, which also served as a storage room, was found in the villa of Civita Giuliana, just outside the walls of the ancient Roman city.

The space is only 16 square metres and had a small window at the top where daylight could pass through. There were three beds in it, two large ones and one smaller. The researchers therefore suspect that a slave family was alive. Eight amphoras were found in one corner, large vases used to store supplies.

Images of the slave room discovered:

โ€œThis gives an insight into the predicament of people rarely found in historical sources,โ€ says Pompei director Zuchtriegel. He calls it one of the most exciting discoveries of his career, although there were no โ€œgreat treasuresโ€. โ€œThe real treasure is the human story, in this case of the most vulnerable members of society, of whom this room gives a unique testimony.โ€

Pompeรฏ is located about 20 kilometres southeast of Naples and was invade under ash in the year 79 after a Vesuvius eruption. Special finds are made annually. At the beginning of this year, the villa of Civita Giuliana uncovered a ceremonial chariot with erotic images. Remnants of a horse harness were also found in the slave chamber presented today.

And last year another thermopolium, a place where food was made for people who couldnt make food at home, was discovered: