Expressions of support for Lara van Ruijven: Keep fighting dear Laar

The critical medical condition of short track star Lara van Ruijven has made a deep impression on the skating world.

Van Ruijven, world champion on the 500 metres, was admitted to a French hospital at the end of June with an autoimmune reaction. This led to serious complications. On Wednesday it was announced that Van Ruijvens condition is still critical despite two operations.

In the hospital, Van Ruijven is surrounded by family members and her boyfriend. Statements of support come in from all corners. The warm reactions are an enormous support for her loved ones in these difficult times, according to the KNSB. “We are very grateful to everyone for that”, her father says.

Olympic and world champion Suzanne Schulting is also very supportive of Van Ruijven:

Sjinkie Knegt:

Yara van Kerkhof:

Douwe de Vries:

Thijsje Oenema:

Elis Ligtlee: