Extra corona prok soon for older older people to strengthen defenses

Soon, the oldest elderly may receive an additional corona vaccination as โ€œimmune system boosterโ€. Thats what demissionary minister De Jonge of Health said after corona consultation. The extra dose is intended to maintain protection against the virus.

When the administration starts and which group is eligible, De Jonge does not know yet. The government will take a decision on this in November following an opinion from the Health Council. It is likely that it will be nursing home residents at first.

So far, people have received one dose of the Janssen vaccine or two of the other medicines. People with severe immune disorders were already able to get an extra dose because they are better protected.

Severe immune disorder

Last month, the Health Council recommended the additional corona vaccine for this group of people. The council already called for preparations to give other groups a booster vaccination, in case the effectiveness of the vaccine declines.

Previously, the Health Council saw no evidence, but De Jonge now says that โ€œa single studyโ€ shows that protection is decreasing in the eldest elderly.