Extreme cold gives Texans sky-high energy bill

An unknown number of residents of the U.S. state of Texas is facing a sky-high energy bill. Some Texans received an invoice of 5000 dollars (4100 euros) sent home. Outlier was a resident who received a bill of over 16,000 dollars on his consumption just the last week.

The high prices are the result of an extremely deregulated energy market in the state. This allows providers to adjust their tariffs at any time because the price is directly linked to the demand for energy. Due to the harsh winter conditions, the demand for energy has exploded over the past week.

An energy company that sent its customers high bills apologized for the course of business and called on people to find another provider to avoid extreme tariffs, wrote the newspaper Dallas Morning News Sunday.

The unusually low temperatures caused 4 million households to run without energy and sometimes water at its peak last week. According to Governor Greg Abbott, that number of Sundays has fallen to 30,000 households.

Abott called on politicians in the state to take measures against exorbitant energy prices. The mayor of the city of Houston believes that the state of Texas should compensate for the affected residents. His colleague at Fort Worth called on the federal government to assist. President Joe Biden announced a state of emergency for Texas on Saturday. As a result, federal emergency aid is released for the state.

โ€œ Wrong, โ€œ

Ted Cruz, one of the two senators on behalf of Texas in Washington called for energy market reform in his state. โ€œThis is wrong,โ€ he wrote on Twitter. Cruz aroused the anger of many Texans last week when he left home and hearth with his family during the harsh cold for a short break in warm Mexico.

Winter weather is no longer the case. In most places in Texas, afternoon temperatures have risen above 20 degrees Celsius on Sunday.