“Extremely shy Real Madrid talent called Mother every night crying”

Real Madrid initially did not believe that Marvin Olawale Akinlabi Park has Spanish nationality. The twentieth year old outsider, who played several matches in the main force at Real this season, was born in Palma de Mallorca. However, he has a Nigerian father and a South Korean mother.

Park has been playing for Real Madrid for about four and a half years. When the Madrians took over the talent of Penya Arrabal de Mallorca, they doubted by his name whether Park really has Spanish nationality. Thats what Marca says.
Park was born in Spain and now plays
just at Real, but doesnt always have it easy there. Hed be extremely shy. Park would even call his mother from Madrid almost every night crying. The young attacker, however, makes sporty steps at Real. He was able to make his appearance twice in February in the first team of trainer Zinedine Zidane, of which once as a base player.