‘Extremely strong’ Ajax enforces respect: the German newspapers write

Ajax taught Borussia Dortmund a painful lesson, the German newspapers write after an unforgettable evening at the Johan Cruijff Arena. For 85 minutes, the Dortmund throat was pinched by Ajax. A round of German media.
The first five minutes were for Dortmund, but then only one team made the service: Ajax. It ended up 4-0, although it could have been 7-0 or 8-0. BVB geht in Amsterdam unter, BILD headlines. What an exit! 50,000 visitors gave away a true pyro show and even fired missiles. Dortmund was behind the facts and was completely lost.
After 45 minutes Ajax had already shot at goal eleven times, Dortmund only twice. Erling Haaland got the chance to hit the hookup target after halftime, but Ajax goalkeeper Remko Pasveer stopped fantastic. Dortmund can thank goalkeeper Gregor Kobel for not getting any worse. A Dortmund-unworthy performance, the biggest defeat ever in the Champions League.โ€
Kicker also had something different in mind beforehand.
Ajax teaches Dortmund a lesson, writes the magazine. Borussia Dortmund has the biggest defeat ever suffered in the Champions League – and its also fully earned. Once the smoke disappeared, BVB never got out of trouble and only Ajax had the initiative. Ajax crossed Dortmund pressing time and time again with the greatest ease. Trainer Marco Rose brought Witsel for Can after half time and switched from 4-3-3 to 4-4-2, but his plan didnt work. Dortmund became embroiled in uncoordinated pressing, failed to enter the duels and lost a lot of balls in the midfield.
Antony, in particular, proved to be a scourge for the Germans swallow. Kicker calls the Brazilian
s drafting โ€œa hit.โ€ โ€œDortmund got him completely out of control. Ajaxs combinations were almost faster than the light. Only after the 4-0 Ajax took back some gas. Even Haaland didnt reach its usual level.โ€
Total football against total helplessness The local Ruhr Nachrichten doesnt seem to contain what happened in Amsterdam on Tuesday. โ€œBorussia Dortmund is back on Earth. BVB was less in all respects and goes down. The Champions League group win is very far away. Two, three, four times Marco Rose looked at his players with a shock, after which the fourth official sent him to his coach compartment. His team had no answer to the challenges Ajax offered. BVB ended up under the bus in one of the weakest away games of the past period. Total football against total helplessness.โ€
s 4-0 put an end to horror, but the aftermath of this nightmare will probably be felt longer. The clubs will meet again in two weeks. Dortmund has to make sure that the good starting position in the Champions League is not completely wasted.
Der Spiegel calls Ajax
extremely strong and Die Welt writes about a furious Ajax. Ajax has shown Dortmund its limits. Saddened in the defense, bad at build-up, Dortmund has gammed the chance of a big step towards the next round. The 4-0 is a lesson for Germanys overclass number two. Haaland was in the front on his own, no pass reached him. Dortmunds players did not control the rampant Antony. And goalkeeper Remko Pasveer was one of the outstanding ones with multiple rescues.
The analysis of German broadcaster ZDF also cuts wood:
Ajax does not give BVB a chance. The only fireworks came from Ajax.