F1 2021 creators talk to driver Daniel Riccardo about Formula 1

Electronic Arts and Codemasters have launched After the Apex series to bring players closer to Formula One legends. And the first two episodes featuring Daniel Riccardo, McLarens Formula One driver, are already out of it. After the Apex series combines real footage with animated footage from the game.

It helps to tell the story of the life and career of Daniel Riccardo, British Formula Three champion and twice Formula One bronze medallist. F1 2021, the official game of the FIA Formula One World Championship, is available on PC and PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

It is the most innovative game of the series, which has added a number of innovations, including a โ€œVictory Formulaโ€ story mode, a career mode with cooperative playthrough capability, as well as reliable reproduction of pilots and constructors positions. More on CCeit The new Apex Legends trailer revealed the map of the eleventh season, โ€œEscapeโ€ Space Crew: Legendary Edition Monochrome horror Kingdom of the Dead is released on 26 January.