‘Faber extinguishes another PSV fire: temporarily ultimately responsible for the promises’

Ernest Faber temporarily returns as a trainer at PSV. In the coming days, the head of youth education will replace Peter Uneken infected with the coronavirus as final manager at Jong PSV.
Young PSV has been dealing with a corona outbreak for quite some time and several players were infected. As a result, several games had to be postponed, but the duel with Telstar on Friday can probably take place. According to the Eindhovens Dagblad, it is likely that this will be on the couch with Faber as a trainer.
The 49-year-old clubman was also interim trainer at the first team last year and led PSV to a spot in the Europa League heat round. After that he returned as head of youth education, but now Faber is again called upon. He leads the training sessions this week and is helped by Wilfred Bouma and Adil Ramzi.
The match against Telstar next Friday will be played with a very young selection. Since a number of players are still unavailable, the group is complemented by players from PSV under 18, many of them still have to make their debut in paid football.