Facebook and Instagram to restrict access to Russian state media in EU

Parent company Meta of Facebook and Instagram will complicate access to Russian state media RT and Sputnik in the European Union. Former British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, now top director at Meta, says that on Twitter.

The decision follows increasing pressure from the EU to do more against misinformation about the war in Ukraine. This often refers to Russian state media, which consistently disseminate President Putin‘s view. These media has millions of viewers and followers on platforms such as Facebook and YouTube.

So access to those media from the EU is now “restricted”, says Clegg on Twitter. Several European governments and the EU have urged the tech giant to do so. He explains that the decision was made because of “the exceptional nature of the current situation”.

Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister calls Meta‘s decision a way to “stop Russian lies,” and also calls on YouTube and Google to stop giving the media a platform.

The European Commission announced on Sunday that it would like to close access to RT and Sputnik. They “will no longer be able to spread their lies to justify Putin’s war and divide our union,” said committee chairman Von der Leyen at the time.

Previously, it was no longer possible for Russian state media to advertise on Facebook and Instagram or to monetize their content through advertising. Their reports were also checked for facts and it was mentioned that it was state media.

YouTube has already announced a measure that makes it difficult to watch videos from Russian media, including Russia Today, from Ukraine. Also, the media in question can no longer make money through the platform.