“Facebook employees dont enter the office”

Not only Facebooks apps and websites are flat, but employees in the United States can barely work to deal with the problems. Thats what the New York Times reports.

According to the newspaper, there are serious problems with Facebooks internal systems. An internal memo would talk about a system failure that affects all internal Facebook systems. Even the access passes to the Facebook offices would not work, leaving employees unable to work to restore chaos.

Also, according to the NY Times, there are reports from employees who cannot use their work phones and cannot receive email from people outside their own company. The Workplace internal communications platform is also said to be off the air, causing employees to try to find each other through LinkedIn, Zoom and other chat rooms.

A small team would have started working at a data center in Californias Santa Clara to manually reset the jammed system.

The Facebook failure also causes whatsapp and Instagram to not work. Facebooks tech director Mike Schroepfer says the Facebook teams are hard at work to fix it as soon as possible. We sincerely apologize to anyone currently affected by the outage of our services.