Facebook has deleted most visited pro-Black Pete pages

A month after Facebook announced the removal of photos and videos with Zwarte Piet, the largest pages of groups of supporters of Zwarte Piet have been removed from the social network, according to an inventory by NU.nl It concerns frequently visited pages such as Red Zwarte Piet, Actiegroep Pro Zwarte Piet and Zwarte Piet enthusiasts, with tens of thousands of followers each.

Also other pages with images of Black Pete that had more than ten thousand likes are no longer available.

The indignation among the excluded groups is great:

Both Facebook and Instagram tackle content that clearly has “stereotypical features such as big lips, a wig, and black makeup. Incidentally, this is not only true for Dutch sites; all over the world blackface is taken offline.

Whoever searches on Instagram on the hashtag #blackpoint gets the message that the messages on this hashtag are hidden because the content may not meet the Instagram guidelines.

That doesn’t mean that nowhere else pictures of Zwarte Piet can be found on Facebook. Pages with a maximum of a few hundred followers can still be viewed.

Facebook takes action when images and videos are reported. In time, blackface images with special technologies should be traced and put offline.