Facebook removes message from Trump due to misinformation about coronavirus

Facebook deleted a message from President Trump. According to the company, the message spreads misleading information about the coronavirus.

In the message there was a video from Fox News, in which Trump says that children are “practically immune” to the coronavirus. According to Facebook, the video contains false claims about immunity of a group of people. “That’s a violation of our rules on misleading information about the coronavirus.”

A tweet from Trumps campaign team that contained the same video was later retrieved from Twitter for the same reasons. In May, Twitter first posted a warning in tweets by Trump about the approaching presidential elections. According to the company, he gave misleading information about postal voting. According to Trump, this would lead to fraud and a false election result.

The video can still be found on Twitter:

Trump and Facebook

This is the first time Facebook has deleted a message about the coronavirus from the U.S. president. Previously, messages were removed from Trumps campaign team, including an ad with an inverted red triangle. It is said to resemble a symbol used in Nazi Germany to denote political prisoners in concentration camps.

Facebook top guy Mark Zuckerberg received a lot of criticism in June for leaving a controversial Facebook post by Trump. In that message Trump suggested that looters would be shot in Minneapolis, in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death. Twitter decided to hide the message, Facebook left it untouched. Zuckerberg was severely criticised for this, also from within his organisation.