Facebook services partially reachable after global outage

Facebook, Instagram and whatsapp are partially reachable after a global outage, says Facebook.

The US company apologizes for hours of failure in a tweet. โ€œWe‘ve been busy restoring access to our services. Slowly everything comes back online,โ€ Facebook reports. โ€œSorry for waiting!โ€ , let Instagram know.

Presumably it will take a while for all services to work fully again.

14 million failure reports

The Facebook, Instagram and whatsapp apps faced a global outage between 5.30 pm and 5.45 pm on Monday night. The Downdetector.com website, which records the moment web services fail, reports that 14 million failure reports have been made.

What exactly happened is still unclear, but rather the problem seemed to be in a system called border gateway protocol (bgp). This causes visitors to the website or apps.

Failures with Facebook’s services are more common, but it rarely happens that they last for so long.