Facebook: Side-cover not refused to photo

The magazine Opzij, which saw an advertisement for a cover with a black woman rejected by Facebook, entered into conversation with the social medium. This is the end of the matter for the editor in chief for the time being. According to Facebook, the refusal had nothing to do with the photo.

The cover features Abbie Vandivere, the Mauritshuispainting restorer. She is portrayed as The girl with the pearl earring, such as Vermeer’s famous painting. An advertisement surrounding the new issue was rejected by Facebook.

According to Opzij on Monday, this would have to do with the new guidelines that Facebook has recently introduced. Among other things, it is no longer possible to place a picture of Zwarte Piet (or other forms of blackface).

A spokesperson for the social medium already indicated on Monday that the blackface policy announced last week is not yet in force. The advertisement has been refused on the basis of an easy-to-solve practical problem. On Tuesday we will talk to Opzij about this

That conversation has already taken place. Exactly what it was about is still not entirely clear. Facebook is said to have used the fact that Opzij is not registered as a news page. That is not true, says editor-in-chief Marianne Verhoeven.

The feminist monthly magazine has now been assigned an account manager for the social medium, says Verhoeven. It’s good that they have been able to reach us. I don’t think they were happy with all the publicity either. If we post such content again in the future, it will in any case not automatically be rejected, but will be looked at by people

There is no hate and no envy. I assume that we will not go through this again, says Verhoeven. We like to use Facebook to reach our target group, but we will remain vigilant. We do not want to be judged by American standards, but by Dutch standards