Facebook still in court for abusive dominant position

Facebook still has to go to court in a case that the US regulator FTC had filed for abuse of power. The FTC accuses the tech company of maintaining an illegal monopoly in the social media market. Previously, the case was rejected because the supervisor had not provided sufficient evidence.

A Washington judge now finds that the allegations are โ€œmore powerful and more detailedโ€ and has therefore rejected Facebook‘s request to wipe the case off the table.

The FTC thinks Facebook, which is part of parent company Meta, is far too powerful. The company should therefore repel Instagram and whatsapp. Facebook purchased those services in 2012 and 2014 respectively and considers them essential to its future strategy.

In addition, with the acquisitions, the FTC believes that Facebook violated the competition rules, because with the purchases, the companies were eliminated as competitors.

Anticompetitive behavior

The case was brought by the supervisor in December 2020, and initially rejected in June. The FTC did not have its argument in order, it was the judge’s judgment at the time.

According to the judge, the FTC has done its homework now. The regulator has also explained better that Facebook not only occupies a monopoly position, but would have deliberately retained it through โ€œanti-competitive behavior.โ€