Factorio Authors Prepare Major Supplement

Last August, a full-fledged release of Factorio took place. And now the creators of the game told about what awaits it in the future. Version 1.

1 will remain final, although it will regularly release patches, additives for modders and small improvements. Developers are not going to make a lot of small additions and do not plan to take on Factorio 2, because they are completely satisfied with what they have achieved and do not want to give up long-term developments in order to make a new part.

Nevertheless, the studio has already started work on a large add-on. So far, she is not ready to tell what it will be devoted to, because the development will probably take about a year and can still change.

Finally, we shared various figures from eight-year history of Factorio development. Work on the game was 3233 days; Factorio 856,800 lines of code, 2,340,804 words and 35,216,019 characters, all this will drag on 70 ordinary books; 8688 bugs have been fixed, and these are only those reported on forums; Steam-players spent 38,870 years in the game; More than 2.

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