Failed attack on right hand Zelenski

From our editors abroad Despite at least ten bullet holes in his car and a wounded driver, an important assistant to Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelenski survived a no-scathattack on Wednesday morning. โ€œWhat a weakness bid to greet me by shooting a friend from the bushes,โ€ Zelenski responded from the UN meeting in New York.

The shelling took place near a village under the smoke of Kiev. Presidential right-hand man Serhi Sjefir was released with the shock. Zelenski‘s entourage points the blaming finger at the oligarchs, shadow powers that hold Ukrainian politics, economics and media in their grip.

โ€œFor more than a month, we have seen extremely aggressive undermining of the state by parties that honour the old rules of the oligarchs,โ€ responded an advisor to the president. Zelenski tries to deliver a campaign promise by fighting the oligarchs.


In July, Zelenski forced his powerful home secretary to resign. It has been in charge of the police since 2014 and has close ties to a far-right aid battalion fighting the Russians in Eastern Ukraine.

An opposition leader with close ties to the Kremlin is now under house arrest due to suspicion of treason: he would have supported pro-Russian separatists.


Sjefir would be responsible for his old friend Zelenski’s daily agenda. Together they founded the TV production company Kvartal 95. In their biggest hit โ€œServant of the People,โ€ Zelenski played a history teacher who suddenly became president. It gave the actor and joker unprecedented popularity. In fact, Zelenski became so loved that he competed in the elections in 2019 and, as in the TV series, was actually elected to the highest office.


addition to the oligarchs, the group chairman of Zelenski‘s party Servant of the People mentions criminal groups as a potential perpetrator. He doesn’t rule out a โ€œRussian trackโ€ either.

According to BBC Ukraine, in the months preceding the shelling, media reported that the relationship between Shefir and the president was getting cool.