Fake bomber-legger at Jewish restaurant Amsterdam has to sit eight months

The man who deposited a suspicious package at a Jewish restaurant in Amsterdam in January was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment, of which 4 months on probation. That is as much as had been demanded. The man also has to pay 3000 euros compensation to the owners of the restaurant, for immaterial damage.

The package led to a lot of consternation at the time. It was a box sealed with tape and electrical wires were sticking out of it. It turned out that they were connected to a button cell battery, a circuit board and a switch. The Explosives Clearing Service had to be involved, but in the end it turned out to be a fake bomb.

The convict is a man of 46, Hassan N., who a year earlier, among other things, sent a threatening letter with anti-Semitic texts to a neighbour. He had already been convicted of anti-Semitic statements in 2014.


The man himself has always maintained that he is now innocent,but the police tracked him down by dna investigation. Dna material on the fake bomb at the Amsterdam restaurant Hacarmel matched dna found on the folding edges of the threatening letter to the neighbor, says justice.

Also he was around the time the fake bomb was placed near the restaurant and he looks very much like the person who planted the bomb. His face, posture and shoes are very similar to those of the perpetrator.

The Jewish restaurant had already been the target of threats, destruction and other crimes. N. knew that. According to the judge, he therefore deliberately chose the restaurant as a target and with his fake bomb caused great shock to the restaurant owners, local residents and the Jewish community. The court found this unacceptable and therefore the man had to go to jail for eight months on balance