Fall Guys authors hand out free crowns for taking part in poll

Developers from Mediatonic studio set up a poll among Fall Guys players, which should help determine the future of the battle royal. Apart from general questions about age and number of wins, players are asked evaluate seasons, costumes and rounds, and share their expectations about 4 seasons. In addition, players are asked to choose the 5 most important features they would like to see in the future, including rank leagues, tournaments, leaderboards, crossplay, 30-by-30 mode, private lobbies, voice chat and video chat.

Finally, players can appreciate the importance of Fall Guys being present on different platforms. While the game is only available on PlayStation 4 and PC (Steam).

5 free crowns are distributed for participation in the survey. To do this, you need to specify your in-game Support ID at the beginning of the survey.

Developers note that crowns will be accrued within a week of passing the survey. More on Igamania Fresh trailer and screenshots The King of Fighters XV dedicated to the protagonist Valve summed up 2020 for Steam, revealing plans for the future The creators of Cyberpunk 2077 released 5 -minute appeal and plan for 2021.