Fall Guys season three to be called Winter Knockout

The makers of Fall Guys, after holding a small contest where players had to fold the puzzle, announced the title of the third season of battle royalโ€”Winter Knockout โ€” and introduced his poster. As in the case of the second season, players are waiting for new โ€œwinterโ€ costumes (like snowmen and penguins) and levels, and the old ones will certainly be further updated. So far, the developers do not call the exact start date of the season, but apparently, it will start in the area 7 of December.

Recently it became known that with the release on Steam in August, more than 10 were sold million copies of Fall Guys. And at the 2020 Golden Joystick Awards, based on the results of voting among players, battle royale won two awards: โ€œBest Multiplayerโ€ and โ€œBest Family Gameโ€.

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