Fall in France to incest scandal TV personality

An incest accusation against the French political commentator Olivier Dulhamel seems to lead to a public debate on incest in France. A social media campaign around the hasthag #Metooclneste, which resulted from the accusation, resulted in about 80,000 reactions in a short time.

Duhamel, political commentator on the television channel Europe 1, came under attack by the publication of a book by his stepdaughter Camille Kouchner. In La Familia Grande, Kouchner describes how Duhamel sexually abused her twin brother for two years.


The book of Kouchner caused the necessary stir in France and resulted in a social media campaign with the hashtag #Metooclneste; to the Metoo movement. This action was set up by NoustOutes, an organization that is fighting against sexual abuse. Meanwhile, NoustOutes reports that 80,000 people have responded to the campaign.

According to psychologist Muriel Salmona, who specializes in sexual abuse, the hashtag together with Dulhamels stepdaughters book ensures that more victims now dare to share their story. She says to the French newspaper Le Monde, because in the past, only one percent of the rape cases ended in court. , In France, sexual abuse in children is long too easily tolerated, explains the psychologist.


This, according to Salmona, has to do with the complexity of the legislation in France. Sex with minors is illegal, but proving it is complicated. If there are no demonstrable signs of violence, threats or coercion, there is virtually no burden of proof. The age difference between the victim and the possible offender, can serve as evidence of coercion, but this is not seen in all cases as such, says Salmona.

Sexual abuse within families is widespread in a survey conducted by research firm Ipsos at the end of last year. One in ten French says have had something to do with this. Duhamel has removed his Twitter account as a result of commotion concerning his person and withdrawn from his work. He hasnt commented on the accusations yet.