Fallen prodigy Morrison does not sit still after ADO-exit: ‘Championship en La Liga’

Former top talent Ravel Morrison recently left through the back door at ADO Den Haag and is currently without a club. However, his search for a new club seems to be progressing well, he explains in the Five-podcast of former teammate Rio Ferdinand.

Morrison hopes to stay in England at first. โ€œI have two younger brothers and my mother, but Ive been traveling my whole life,โ€ he says. Jamaicas twofold international even had a conversation with a Championship club on the day of the recording, he reveals. โ€œIt looks good. There is also a club from Spain, from La Liga: it could also turn out to be that.โ€
As a Manchester United talent, Morrison was given a great future, but couldnt live up to high expectations? After wandering in Italy, Mexico and Sweden, he settled in The Hague. However, the adventure in the Residence was not successful. After four competition duels and one performance in the KNVB Cup, his contract was dissolved.