Fallout 3 untethered from Games for Windows Live

Bethesda released Update 1. 7. 0.

4 to Fallout 3: Game of the Year. And its description is extremely short: the patch finally unbinds the game from the legacy Games for Windows Live service and lets you do without installing its client.

The Games for Windows Live online service was launched in 2007 and was intended to support online features in PC games and Xbox consoles. Its work caused a lot of cries among players due to its complexity, cumbersome and undependability.

Xbox eventually announced its abandonment of GFWL in 2014, although some features of the service are still supported for the sake of games linked to it. To enable them to get rid of Games for Windows Live once and for all, game owners are advised to uninstall the Steam version and reinstall it.

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