Fallout 76 authors share details of season five

Fallout 76 developers from Bethesda Game Studios shared details of the fifth season of โ€œEscape from the 42 Century,โ€ which will start as early as July 7, along with the release of the Power of Steel update. The new season will return to play K. D.

Inkwell, who finds itself in a bleak future populated by dolphin and human hybrids that call themselves M. I.

N. D.

Their main goal is to transform the latest the remnants of humanity are like it. Players are again waiting for 100 levels of rewards: legendary blocks, showcases for power armor, guises for power armor and weapons, Red Rocket collector, consumables, items for C.

A. M.

P. and other.

However, in season 5, you can increase the level indefinitely. Players reaching level 100 are waiting for new special challenges, ability card sets, components for making legendary items, consumables, game items, atoms, and other.

Also, up to On June 28 (19:00 MSC) players will receive twice the S. C.

O. R.

E. points for all daily tests completed, and from June 29 to July 6 (19:00 ISC) will have another week of additional trials.

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