Fallout 76 season six will see the Enduring and the Osatanned clash

Details of the new Fallout 76 season have emerged โ€” it will start with Fallout Worlds, which will be released on September 8. Also in season six, we will face the Enduring team, which includes heroes such as The Inspector, Silver Cloak, Mysterious Mistress, Sea Devil, and Grognac. Together with them, we will go on an adventure and try to thwart the plans of treacherous criminals called themselves the Osataneli.

Player level up offers special rewards: in-game currency, legendary modules, new weapon skins, cosmetics, and more. By the way, cosmetics will play a special role: for example, some quests can only be completed in costume or as the Unstoppable.

There are also two new allies waiting for us: Daphne and Sledgehammer &mdash ; they can be obtained by reaching level 25 and 50, respectively. The full list of awards can be found here, and more about season six can be found on the official website.

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