Fallout 76 to Start Testing the Night of Molerote Update Today

Fallout 76 authors will open a public test server today to test the Night of Molerot update . Players will be able to evaluate the new seasonal event and changes to some public events as well as various improvements that the community has long been asking for. โ€œMoleroth Nightsโ€ is scheduled to be released in December, and in the meantime developers are asked to share their experiences on the official Discrod channel.

The Equinox of Moleroth event will send players to Point Pleasant (once an hour) to help Moleroth fans who want to perform a dark ceremony. Adversaries will be high priestesses of the sect, able to subjugate all nearby creatures to their will.

Among the improvements to public events are optimized restart times, more accessible ; reward information, as well as individual changes in the duration and difficulty of some events. In addition, the developers added a number of general improvements: Corpse Highlight; Search Nearby Bodies; Legendary Loot Exchange; Team Experience Exchange; New Tab in the Construction Menu; Ring for Keys for Peep Battle; Colour customization of the Peep Battle Menu; Ammunition Everywhere.

Developers have also introduced an updated calendar that will now show information about all events until the end of the year. More on Gamermania For DIRT 5 is out for free Halloween Update More Japanese Xbox games โ€” the company runs on this every day โ€œHotโ€ platformer Firegirl: Hack n Splash Rescue will be released on December 14.