False vaccination certificate? German police take blood from fraudsters to check

In southern Germany, the police searched the homes of around 100 people because they are suspected of using a false vaccination certificate. The police also took blood from a part of them.

The research revolves around a doctor who, in Wemding, a town in Bavaria, in southern Germany, fraudagainst vaccinations until the fall last year. He gave people who deliberately sought him a vaccination certificate, without being vaccinated.

So, in mutual agreement, they deliberately brought fake evidence. That is why the police have also launched an investigation into these people.

That investigation has strengthened the suspicions, says Chief Commissioner Peter Zimmermann of the police in Schwaben Noord to deCCeit. And so the police have now taken this action in search of more evidence.

Blood collection without permission

Blood was taken from about fifty suspects. With the blood samples, the police want to be able to check whether people have actually been vaccinated with a corona vaccine or with a placebo. Doctors have been used for blood pricking.

The police have received permission from the judge for blood sampling in the investigation. That means that people who oppose could be forced by the police. Zimmermann: โ€œThe court order also includes direct coercion, that is, blood sampling without permission.โ€

Coercion didn‘t seem necessary today. Almost all people cooperated, according to the police, there has been ‘no appreciable‘ resistance. To explain the action to the suspects, special communication staff were also deployed.

Medical practice stamps

Apart from the blood samples, 70 cell phones have also been seized. 80 vaccination certificates were confiscated. The police are taking into account that fake vaccination certificates are on different phones.

According to the police, each suspect was checked on the spot whether it was actually necessary for the investigation to take blood or to seize a phone.

The German government is in favour of the introduction of a vaccination obligation on 1 February. Germans are divided over that, can be seen in this video:

In addition, there were a number of ‘coincidences‘: the police also found 600 grams of weed, small amounts of amphetamine and cocaine, a gun and a pocket knife.

In addition, the police found five stamps from doctor practice and vaccination centers, several blank vaccination certificates and blank healing certificates. Everything has been seized, and the owners are running through the finds extra investigations.


Should the study show that people have deliberately been vaccinated with a placebo and thus deliberately walk around with a false vaccination certificate, they can expect substantial penalties. That can be fines, or even prison sentences up to 2 years.


separate examination is underway against the relevant doctor in Wemding. He has been issued a temporary restraining order.

In addition to deliberately falsifying vaccination certificates, he has also defrauded vaccinations in another way. People who came for a vaccine, he vaccinated with a placebo without them knowing it. So they thought they were vaccinated, when they weren’t.