Family Arie den Dekker files a complaint against mayor Oss

The family of the man who set himself on fire in front of the town hall in Oss files a complaint against mayor Wobine Buijs, writes the Brabants Dagblad. The children of Arie den Dekker believe that she is partly responsible for the death of their father.

“We blame the mayor for his death,” Anthony den Dekker says to the newspaper. The children also accuse her of libel and slander, because she said that it took the municipality a lot of time, effort and money to help their father. According to their lawyer, Buijs Den Dekker put them away as a nuisance. “That’s defamatory and possibly even slanderous.”

For years at odds with Oss

<54-year-old Den Dekker committed suicide at the end of July. He felt abandoned by the municipality and the justice system, because he was not given accommodation for himself and his dogs.

The mayor said earlier that she does not have the ability to allocate housing. “Otherwise, I’ll have thirty people on my doorstep tomorrow, and a lot of houses are needed, so I can’t.”

There’s an investigation going on into how the authorities handled Den Dekker.