Family locks fox in the garage for eight years to tame him: โ€œAn animal is not a dog, is it?โ€

In the SOS Wilde Dieren shelter in Geraardsbergen Belgium, a fox was brought into the garage for eight years with a family. His owners thought they could turn it into a tame animal, but it failed.

In a week time, the SOS Wildlife shelter received two foxes, which they have to learn step by step to be a real fox again. That writes Het Nieuwsblad Especially for the fox that was confiscated in Opglabbeek, that becomes a challenge. The animal was locked up in a garage with a family for eight years. โ€œApparently there are people who find a fox cub in the forest and want to keep it at home as a pet,โ€ says Nancy Van Lieferinge (49), center manager at SOS Wilde Dieren.

โ€œ Last year we also experienced that with a fox locked up in a doghouse for ten years. Were wondering whats got into these people. This is sad. A fox is not a dog, is it?โ€

Tam is a bad sign

Foxes are wild predators and therefore have those instincts. They dig, hunt and travel long distances to find prey. The fox needs a hunting instinct. If foxes are brought into a shelter and they turn out to be too tame, thats a bad sign.

โ€œ Those animals are supposed to be human shy. If we leave such a fox back in nature now, it will be shot in no time because it gets too close to people. Here in our park, the fox can learn step by step to be a fox and possibly spend his last years in the wild.โ€