‘Family Trials’ Already Opened in Children of Morta

Studio Dead Mage in late March talked about the upcoming free update of โ€œFamily Trialsโ€ for the Children of Morta bagel. And now announced that the new mode has already appeared in the game. At the same time, the developers told what it is.

The largest update opens a unique dungeon Cyklus, which is constantly changing under the action of Skverna. Members of the Bergson family in it can test their strength and prepare for dangerous journeys.

โ€œFamily Trialsโ€ have nothing to do with the main plot, all family members and all their skills are immediately available in them. And the complexity of tasks allows you to experiment with development options and practice for difficult battles.

In addition to the new dungeon, the update makes a number of changes to the mechanics of the game, adds special rewards and new currency for which equipment can be improved. More on Gamomania Cinematic thriller Abandoned will be released only on PlayStation 5 The film โ€œBlade dissecting demonsโ€ will be released in Russian rental To the man-made quest Harold Halibut released story trailer.