Famke Louise visiting doctor Diederik Gommers

Famke Louise visited Diederik Gommers. He is a doctor in a hospital and works in a department for very sick people. Famke Louise went to see him to talk about the corona virus and all the measures.

Famke posted a photo and short video of the meeting on Insta.

Diederik Gommers invited Famke Louise after they were both guests in the program Jinek. Famke Louise said in that program that she disagreed with the strict corona measures.

Diederik Gommers knows a lot about the corona virus and how things are happening in Dutch hospitals. During the broadcast, Diederik said that he would like to have a conversation with Famke to explain why the corona rules are important.

And so Famke came by the hospital yesterday. In this way, she wants to show that she has changed her mind and that the measures are important.

This Monday, Diederik Gommers will talk to even more young people about the corona virus and what they think of all the measures.