Fanatical strategy in Half-Life universe out of beta after 13 years of development

Developers from the Vortal Storm team announced that Lambda Wars, a real-time fan strategy in the Half-Life universe, finally got out of beta. The development of Lambda Wars began back in 2007. At the heart of the project is the code Alien Swarm, a free co-operative action movie with a view from above, released by Valve in 2010-m.

The update 1. 0 Lambda Wars players are waiting for 4 new units, 2 new buildings and new models For existing buildings, as well as balance changes and correcting errons.

Main features of Lambda Wars: Alliance and Resistance factions (and Ant Lions in sandbox mode); multiplayer and many cards With support for up to 8 players or bots; single missions, training map and offline game with bots; and more. Lambda Wars can be downloaded free on Steam.

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