Fans of Red Dead Redemption 2 can now visit Mexico

Modder under the nickname Siemreaper released a Mexican mega-set for Red Dead Redemption 2, consisting of sixteen mods from different authors. It seems that the pack will be gradually updated. Players can finally cross the border with Arthur and travel around Mexico.

Famous settlements such as Chuparosa, Escalera and El Matadero are available as well as several other locations. The author notes that the mega-set needs to work properly install Lennys Mod Loader & Script Hook RDR2.

This set will be a great addition for all fans of the series. Mexico played an important role in the story of John Marston of Red Dead Redemption, and it became one of the most desirable regions for players in Red Dead Online More on Gamermania Largest Stranded Deep update will be released tomorrow and adds multiplayer The Black Forest gifts event to The Elder Scrolls Online starts on September 30.