Fans of Super Bowl winner Chiefs are no longer allowed to wear Indian costume

American football team Kansas City Chiefs bans its fans from wearing Indian costumes in the stadium from now on. They are also no longer allowed to paint their faces in Indian style.

The winner of the Super Bowl takes these measures to avoid discrimination and hurting the Native American population.

More understanding

The club management says they have been talking to Indian chiefs since 2014, in order to get a better understanding of the culture and background of the Indians. The conversations previously led to the discouragement of wearing Indian dresses in the stadium.

So now the ornaments are forbidden. The recent protests against racism and discrimination after the violent death of the black American George Floyd, have brought the Chiefs to new insights. The club believes that there should be even more respect for the indigenous Indian population and that anything that can be experienced as hurtful should disappear.

The Chiefs are therefore also planning to change their so-called Arrowhead Chop. This is the gesture that represents the throwing of a tomahawk by which the fans encourage their players.

Washington Redskins already took the decision to drop the controversial name Redskins. That club is now called Washington Football Team. Also baseball club Cleveland Indians is considering to change the club name.