Fans return PlayStation Home online 6 years after closing

A group of PlayStation Online Network Emulated (PSONE) fans teamed up with Destination Home to bring the online component of PlayStation Home to life. Sony‘s 3D social platform was launched in December 2008, allowing PS3 users to meet and interact in various virtual spaces. However, the project did not leave the beta stage when it was closed in March 2015.

Destination Home has since tried to revitalize PlayStation Home, and it has succeeded with an offline version that can be run with modified PS3 or emulators. This was helped by the data of users who donated from their consoles.

As a result, several locations were recreated, including the Hub, the Bowling Alley and the Playground. With PSONE, PlayStation Home servers will be resurrected by the end of the year, allowing players to connect to their owners’ private and private lobbies.

Along with the announcement, a trailer appeared, demonstrating the work of the project. A little earlier, the authors from PSONE were able to return MotorStorm servers that had not worked since the 2010s.

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