Fantastic shooter Industria to be released on September 30 โ€” fresh trailer

Publisher Headup Games and developers from Bleakmill studio announced the release date of Industrias story-based first-person shooter as September 30 on PC (Steam, Epic Games Store and GOG). A fresh trailer was shown in honor of this. The studios debut game will take players to an alternative East Berlin just before the end of the Cold War.

The plot promises to raise important philosophical questions and โ€œdeep themesโ€ . At the same time, the gameplay promises to be as old-school as possible: โ€œno sight, no bells and whistles โ€” only enjoyable ganplay.

โ€ And of course, Industria has numerous enemies and four different weapons. Industria should take only 4 hours to complete.

Developers admitted to being very nervous and hoping to live up to players expectations. More on Gamermania Black Desert authors are working on PS5 and Xbox Series versions of the game Authors Kena: Bridge of Spirits told about the creation of the heroine Ships and resources โ€” new Skull & Bones details.