Far Cry 6 tries to avoid political remarks about Cuba

Yesterday, many media published an interview with developers Far Cry 6, where once again raised the issue of the political background of the Ubisoft project โ€” and once again the publisher tried to dispel it. According to narrative director shooter Navid Khavari, the team tried to honor the freedom fighters of guerrilla wars โ€” the developers even specifically communicated with them. However, history is created in such a way as to avoid the influence of similar events from reality.

Inspired by the culture of guerrillas and their stories, Ubisoft realized that they could not simply recreate the same Cuba – if only because the game is created under the impression of many different revolutions around the world. โ€œWe have realized that Cuba has a very confusing history and we do not want to make our game a political statement specifically about Cuba.

โ€ That is why Ubisoft decided to create the invented island of Yara, so as not to be creatively bracketed about politics and sources of inspiration. Far Cry 6 is released on October 7 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC.

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