Farathan: Two game designers make ‘own Gothic’

Twenty years have passed since the release of the role-playing game Gothic studio Piranha Bytes, but its popularity still has not faded. Here and a tiny independent studio consisting of only two people, the definition of โ€œgame like Gothicโ€ took the subtitle of its project Farathan. The duo of developers sets itself very ambitious goals: make a game on Unreal Engine 4, not inferior to high-budget rolleuvku.

For her promise 335 quests, 215 unique non-player characters with voice acting, 55 types of enemies and a story campaign for 100 hours. The plot Farathan will be set in the traditional fantasy universe.

Prince Eristan is called by his old teacher to the capital: the king is missing, most likely he is dead. And now our hero will lead a kingdom besieged by evil forces and torn by religious fanatism.

Players will join one of the three guilds and choose the way to develop their State: Restore the ancient kingdom, give the decisive power to the church or continue the work of his father, realizing his vision of the future of the country. To implement all his plans, the creators of Farathan need more money.

To do this, they start a campaign game on Kickstarter on March 7. Show how the work is going, a free demo is called, and it will be released on March 15.

And the game‘s release is slated for December 22, 2021: the date looks optimistic given that work on Farathan began last September. More on CCeit The authors of Curse of the Dead Gods told about everything that awaits us in the temple Authors Valorant changed Reyna and Yoru and โ€œtamedโ€ Stinger Youssef Fares’s new game It Takes Two gone ‘on gold’.