Farm Manager 2021 release delayed by a week

Publishing house PlayWay and Cleversan Software studio announced the postponement of the release of a new part of the famous series of simulators Farm Manager. This is not the first transfer of Farm Manager 2021, in March the developers shifted premiere on April 29 to further polish the farm simulator. However, now everything is in order with the game: just the assigned release date presumably coincides with the start of the next sale on Steam, and this will negatively affect the sales.

Farm Manager 2021 will come out on week later: May 6. The creators of the game thank you for understanding and offer to practice in a free prologue: not so long ago it was updated, adding new mechanics and features.

In particular, now you can skip the entire winter period with one button. More on Gamomania How to Eat a Neighbor: Rusty Lake Hotel is given free on Steam, on iOS and on Android Before We Leave will be released on Steam May 13 Green Hell: The Board Game will soon take out on Kickstarter.