Farmers Defence Force is not allowed to protest to king tomorrow

Farmers Defence Force (FDF) is not allowed to demonstrate to King Willem-Alexander tomorrow. The peasant action group had planned a ‘tractor’ defilé ‘along Huis Ten Bosch and wanted to hand over a letter with a “cry for help” to the king.

But demonstrating at the king’s residence is not allowed and the center is never accessible to “large vehicles belonging to demonstrations”, says the municipality of The Hague. The farmers can park on the Benoordenhoutseweg.

However, FDF has been offered that a small delegation can “offer a letter” to the director of the King‘s Cabinet, to the Korte Vijverberg.

Purchase scheme

The action group is demonstrating tomorrow morning against the Cabinet’s current buy-out regime. “Little by little the agricultural sector is being reduced”, says in the call made by FDF last week. Minister Schouten wants to buy out farmers with a scheme in order to reduce nitrogen emissions.

FDF calls on protesters to come on tractors tomorrow and to comply with the Coronary rules.