Farmers from all over the country on their way to The Hague for tractor defilé

Farmers from different parts of the country went on Monday evening to The Hague where they want to demonstrate on Tuesday against the nitrogen policy of the cabinet. From Limburg and Groningen, many dozens of farmers are already on their way, says Mark van den Oever of the farmers‘ action group Farmers Defence Force (FDF).

Van den Oever does not know how many farmers are now on their way, but he estimates it at several hundred. Also from Noord-Holland and Noord-Brabant, farmers are already on their way to The Hague on Monday evening.

The farmers are holding a tractor defilé on Tuesday morning along the Huis ten Bosch Palace in The Hague. The action group has, according to its own accord, permission from the municipality and the police. These authorities decided that an hour long demonstration with tractors in front of the doors of the Royal Palace is not allowed on Tuesday morning.

According to FDF, about a thousand tractors come from all over the country to The Hague. An unknown number of activists arrive by car. They will gather at a stage at the Koekamp. A member of the King’s Cabinet receives the cry of FDF for help.

After the tractor defilé, the activists go to the Central Bureau of Food Trade CBL in Leidschendam.

With the Code Orange action, the farmers want to prevent the Dutch House of Representatives from agreeing to the nitrogen plans of the cabinet.

Rijkswaterstaat warns motorists to be alert to possible agricultural vehicles and recommends changing the driving style if necessary.