Farming appeared in Hokko Life simulator

Team17 publishing house and Wonderscope Games studio released the Farming Update update to a social life simulation in the village of Hokko Life. With its release, the game has a lot of new content, including a region for agriculture, dozens of plant species that can be planted and grown, and recipes for crafts, particularly new dishes. Aubrey joins a friendly group of villagers: he sells seeds, recipes and agricultural tools.

And in the new location, players can clear their first plot of debris and weeds to try to grow the harvest. If farm labor succeeds, grown vegetables can be given to the local residents or exchange at the tavern for a ready-made eat.

Hokko Life is currently in Steam‘s early access, and for the coming months the game’s creators have already outlined a range of innovations. You can buy the game for 590 rubles, with 20% discount until July 30.

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