FAS fined Apple 907 million rubles for violation of antitrust law

The Federal Antitrust Service announced Apple‘s fine of 907 million rubles for violating the antitrust law. This was done on the basis of consideration of the application โ€œKaspersky Labโ€. The case was brought in 2019 following a complaint by โ€œKasperskyโ€ against Apple due to the โ€œunreasonable rejectionโ€ of a fresh version of Kaspersky’s Safe Kids app.

In August 2020, the FAS concluded that Apple personally restricts competition on iOS devices and abuses its position. Also, the executive authorities are unhappy that according to documents Apple can refuse applications to release on its site, even if they fit all the stated requirements – this could lead to a restriction of competition in related markets.

Apple itself does not agree with the FAS solution and works with Kaspersky Lab to bring the application to the quality standards of the App Store. More on the Gamomania โ€œDemon Slayerโ€ accidentally merged into PSN โ€” 2 months before the premiere in the figure Producer Street Fighter Yoshinori Ono will lead the creators of Fate/Grand Order Guide CD Projekt to Receive $28M Award.