Fashion designer Kenzo (81) died of corona

The Japanese-French fashion designer Kenzo Takada died from the complications of coronavirus infection. The 81-year-old designer died in a hospital just outside Paris.

Kenzo, known for the fashion house of the same name, was known for its colorful and colorful designs, eclectic combinations inspired by his love for international travel. The New York Times called him one of the most imaginative designers worldwide.

Fashion Magazines

In his youth in Japan, Kenzo became inspired for the profession by his sister‘s fashion magazines. He left for Paris in the mid-1960s and set up his own shop there. His fresh style soon fell on the eye.

His fashion house became part of luxury chain LVMH in 1993. Six years later, he said goodbye to focus on making art.

The news of Kenzo’s death gives a black edge to the Parisian fashion week, which is currently being held. Paris mourns one of his sons, wrote Mayor Hidalgo on Twitter. With his tremendous talent, he gave color and light their place in fashion.