Fastly failure triggered after changing settings by one customer

The failure at the US cloud computing company Fastly, which yesterday, among other things, broke down the sites of CNN, The Guardian and The New York Times, was caused by an error in the software that the company uses. When one Fastly customer made a modification, that bug was triggered, causing 85 percent of the network to shut down at once. So says Nick Rockwell, the companys head of engineering in a blog post.

Fastly apologises. โ€œAlthough there were specific circumstances that caused this malfunction, we should have anticipated it,โ€ the conclusion is.

The failure at Fastly could be remedied after almost an hour. Although the problem was found relatively quickly, the failure reveals how dependent the digital infrastructure is on a small number of companies. If something goes wrong with a company like Fastly, the millions of users of the Internet will immediately notice it.

Fastly is a content delivery network or cdn company, specialized in making websites work quickly. โ€œThere are only a few companies that can do this because it costs a lot of money and is really difficult to get it done,โ€ said Erik Bais of A2B Internet, specializing in network infrastructure, earlier to DeccEit.