Fat colder weather on the way

Recently, it has sometimes been more like spring than autumn or winter, but that is changing. From Thursday it will be colder again and the temperature may even come out below normal.

That reports Weeronline.

With this we lose the double digits and end the record series of maxima with 10 degrees or more in De Bilt. Sunday doesnt look like were gonna get colder again soon. At 14-17 degrees it tends to go to record temperatures, that while it is often harsh and cold when Santa Claus is in the country. Sunday is also impetuous, in the afternoon there will be a lot of rain. Really autumn, but because of the high temperatures with a spring touch.

Monday is temporarily cooler by 10-12 degrees, but Tuesday and Wednesday again very soft air is blown to our country. This has everything to do with former Hurricane Eta, which a week and a half ago caused a lot of nuisance in the Caribbean and is now affecting our region. We dont get Storm from that, but we do get a soft southwest wind with temperatures up to 15 degrees.

Colder weather from Thursday

From Thursday the temperature will drop quite a bit and next weekend the ceilings will be between 5 and 10 degrees. Moreover, at night the risk of night frosts increases and there is even a small chance of winter showers.

This weather type is quite normal for November, but because we have been used to soft weather for so long it will feel extra fresh. This is also due to the strong winds and showers that regularly travel across the land. As a result, the daytime feeling temperature is close to the freezing point. In short: the winter coat will soon be needed again.