Fatalities and injuries in Pakistani sewer blast

In a gas explosion in Karachi in Pakistan, several deaths and injuries were killed. Estimates vary: according to the police, at least twelve people did not survive the blast, local authorities speak of at least fifteen deaths.

Pakistan police suspect the explosion was caused by a gas leak in a sewerage system beneath a bank building in Karachi, the country‘s largest city. The escaping gas caught fire due to an unknown cause.

An eyewitness, together with others, helped 15 people out of the rubble:

The bank building above the sewer drain where the explosion took place has been largely destroyed. Parked cars and a gas station opposite the building were also severely damaged.

Explosion experts are investigating the cause of the explosion. A police spokesperson said earlier that investigators did not rule out that the explosion was the work of militants. โ€œWe’ll come with more clarity as soon as they have completed their work,โ€ he announced.