Father Dolly Parton secretly cleaned her statue

While the lobby in front of a statue of Dolly Parton in Nashville is in full swing, the singer shared a touching story on Monday about a sculpture that has been in her hometown of Sevierville since the late 1980s.

โ€œ I remember being so proud to have a statue,โ€ Dolly recalls in Apple‘s new podcast, Time to Walk. โ€œAn image of me, in court! This is usually only meant for presidents and people who have done really great things.โ€

Her father, however, reacted to the news rather soberly. โ€œPapa said: for your fans you may be an idol, but for the pigeons there you are nothing more than a place to poop onโ€, says the 75-year-old.

Yet Robert Parton, who died in 2000, was secretly but rather proud of the statue, so Dolly later discovered. โ€œI found out that he often drove there in his pickup with a bucket of mud to clean it. That hit me so. I loved my father, and I always wanted him to be proud. That’s what I was on him too.โ€